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Weekly Research Newsletter - KIIT - Issue #15

Weekly Research Newsletter - KIIT - Issue #15
12th June 2021
We are excited to share this week’s picks for the research newsletter. We hope you’ll enjoy reading them over the weekend.

AI can now emulate text style in images in one shot — using just a single word
AI-generated images have been advancing at breakneck speed — capable of synthetically reconstructing historical scenes or changing a photo to resemble the style of Van Gogh or Renoir. Now, we’ve built a system that can replace text both in scenes and handwriting — using only a single word example as input.
GPT-J-6B: 6B JAX-Based Transformer
We have released GPT-J-6B, 6B JAX-based (Mesh) Transformer LM (Github). GPT-J-6B performs nearly on par with 6.7B GPT-3 (or Curie) on various zero-shot down-streaming tasks.
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Priyansi, Junaid Rahim and Biswaroop Bhattacharjee

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