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Weekly Research Newsletter - KIIT - Issue #8

Weekly Research Newsletter - KIIT - Issue #8
2nd April 2021,
We are excited to share this week’s picks for the research newsletter. We hope you’ll enjoy reading them over the weekend.

Quantum Self-Supervised Learning
By Ben Jaderberg, Lewis W. Anderson, Weidi Xie, Samuel Albanie, Martin Kiffner, Dieter Jaksch
The popularisation of neural networks has seen incredible advances in pattern recognition, driven by the supervised learning of human annotations. However, this approach is unsustainable in relation to the dramatically increasing size of real-world datasets. This has led to a resurgence in self-supervised learning, a paradigm whereby the model generates its own supervisory signal from the data. Here we propose a hybrid quantum-classical neural network architecture for contrastive self-supervised learning and test its effectiveness in proof-of-principle experiments. Interestingly, we observe a numerical advantage for the learning of visual representations using small-scale quantum neural networks over equivalently structured classical networks, even when the quantum circuits are sampled with only 100 shots. Furthermore, we apply our best quantum model to classify unseen images on the ibmq_paris quantum computer and find that current noisy devices can already achieve equal accuracy to the equivalent classical model on downstream tasks.
Adaptivity without Compromise: A Momentumized, Adaptive, Dual Averaged Gradient Method for Stochastic Optimization
By Aaron Defazio, Samy Jelassi
We introduce MADGRAD, a novel optimization method in the family of AdaGrad adaptive gradient methods. MADGRAD shows excellent performance on deep learning optimization problems from multiple fields, including classification and image-to-image tasks in vision, and recurrent and bidirectionally-masked models in natural language processing. For each of these tasks, MADGRAD matches or outperforms both SGD and ADAM in test set performance, even on problems for which adaptive methods normally perform poorly.
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Priyansi, Junaid Rahim and Biswaroop Bhattacharjee

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